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When I pick a book up, I am travelling to a distant place and some times I become one of the characters in a book. My love for stories are the ones that begin and end where fiction is more honest than reality.

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The Infinite Possibilities Ends With Satisfaction.

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A Million Worlds with You - Claudia Gray


Trilogies. The last time I read a trilogy was Ransom Riggs Peculiar Children series and it was good. My second trilogy was the Firebird series... and I have to say A Million Worlds with You was so much better than A Thousand Pieces of Youand Ten Thousand Skies Above You. The final book has thoroughly explored almost all possibilities of the multiverse that every single chapter ends with a wanting to read further (I know it took me more than 2 weeks to complete but due to year end work, I wish I could finished it in a day!). The change was so significant - there is a whole lot of action, less repetitive narrations which was a lot in ATPOY & TTSAY and it does get annoying, the unexpected surprises involve where every thing you thought that had you in the previous two books, this was a change that is surprising and a pretty good balance or romance and science fiction, which to say the previous was out of whack. The exploration of fate, chance and destiny has finally been answered satisfactory and I can understand why it was explored in TTSAY since there were more questions than answers but it is answered in AMWWY. What I was not prepared of is the adventure that I enjoyed most reading this book and a great discussion yesterday about A Million Worlds with You with other book readers and a chance to Skype with Claudia Gray with other book readers too.


When I read a series, it is important that the beginning set its course, the middle is the purpose and the ending completes the purpose itself. While A Thousand Pieces of You and Ten Thousand Skies Above You does have a bit of a weak beginning and middle, A Million Worlds with Youcovers it so well that its almost a perfect read. Clearly, this has become one of my favorite reads of 2016