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When I pick a book up, I am travelling to a distant place and some times I become one of the characters in a book. My love for stories are the ones that begin and end where fiction is more honest than reality.

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The Epic Conclusion of a Duology!

The Last Beginning - Lauren   James What was left with questions in The Next Together, every thing is answered in The Last Beginning. I am glad I pick up the first book and this year, finally complete reading the finale of this duology with a satisfying grin. The Last Beginning begins with Clove Sutcliffe, daughter of the last protagonists Kate Finchley and Matt Galloway. She is determine to find her parents and in order to do so, she has to travel through time to find out the secret of their disappearance that may destroy her future if she make a wrong decision. Although I would like to reveal more, I can't because it would spoil the intention of Lauren James that had laid the foundation of the plot. What I love is how every thing is tied up so well, questions from the previous that left me puzzle were answered in ways I finally understand time travel paradoxes. The ending in fact, was well received. Although it was different in writing style from the first book, The Last Beginning was meant to be written in a flow of any young adult book. More over - it is a love story that transcends time. Although I felt more emotional when its about Kate and Matt, the love story between Clove and Ella were some what thin. It is even expected even that there are no surprises in the middle I felt was rather annoying even though the second book protagonist is their daughter. Once again, using pictures as a laid out for each chapter is good for visuals. So far, it is pretty straight forward and the good thing is, it was well-planned. For a science fiction young adult duology, this is a page-turner at its best. Kind of reminds me of Back to the Future in a good way of a trilogy.