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When I pick a book up, I am travelling to a distant place and some times I become one of the characters in a book. My love for stories are the ones that begin and end where fiction is more honest than reality.

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A Draggy Tale of Every Day Teen Romance

Every Day - David Levithan

Some ideas are good, some can be difficult to write. When I pick up Every Day by David Levithan, it the idea that I find interesting, a plot that makes me wonder what happens if we live in a life of someone each day. With the upcoming movie adaptation releasing next year, I am intrigued and it give me a reason to read the book.


Every day, A live in a life of a sixteen year teenager. Every single day, he will live a life of a sixteen year old, whether it is a boy or a girl, and do what he or she to do on that suppose day. It was then until he met Rhiannon, he fell in love. The trouble is every day, he wakes up in a different body. Every, single, day. His desire to be with Rhiannonallows him to open up to her but how can A be able to maintain a relationship if every single day wakes up as a different person?


This is the main plot of Every Day. It started off interesting, and then it became a melodrama that has interesting and yet thought of to a point, the execution turns out to be a little draggy. While David Levithan points out the importance and the problems A, I can't help but feel this is going to end as tragic as its meant to be. What I did not enjoy is how he drags 90% of the book of it and then, it gets interesting and then it ends with a cliffhanger and an expected sequel to be release next year. To me, I didn't like the way its done because many of the chapters feel unnecessary and even if its part of to show changes in the relationship between A and Rhiannon, I felt its not really done well. Its not that the book is bad, it has its strong points but its just how David Levithan writes it that makes it a little dull. While I am unsure whether I would pick up the sequel and I definitely, I would not read Another Day (its a companion piece, not a sequel), this remains in the future. For me, its a book I can't say its good but its just on a border level of interesting, only it did not give the kind of reading pleasure I want.


NOTE: There is a prequel six additional chapters included in this book for the first time in print and I felt those six chapters makes it more interesting than the main book.